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Rick Masters
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United States
im a gamer i know big shocker aint it im occasionaly like draw stuff. i am a (not) nice guy when it comes to people. i am a weapons expert and ut2k4 dominator. i'm an sci fi enthusiast like watching aliens ,predator, terminator 2, blade runner, and even low budget stuff like laser blast. i also enjoy making fun of films why it makes it more fun for me . im decent at drawing on a computer since the mouse is pain in the arse to use as for drawing with pencil im fairly good at it. Im a huge metal head with mostly heavy metal mainly 80s and 90s. I am also a fan of daikaiju films especially godzilla and gamera. I'm a fan of exploitation due to how entertainign they are and are just a blast to like hobo with a shotgun. Im a hardcore fps player i mostly play quake, unreal, doom, and tribes. I love Games with unique ideas like neverdead and fracture.


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Now I know what you are thinking, What hell is ninja blade? 

Well Ninja blade is a hack n slash action game developed by from software aka the guys behind dark souls and armored core. 

For a game that was released in 2009, the game looks pretty good. The modeling and textures are good, and the animations are solid.

The sound is decent, I like the music and the voice acting is passable.

The gameplay is what you would expect from a modern hack n slash game, the game does get inspiration from god of war, devil may cry, and of course ninja gaiden, though the elements don't feel like the game is a rip off rather it takes those elements and puts it's own spin on them and gives itself an identity much like lords of shadow and darksiders. The combat is fairly satisfying. there are 4 weapons a light sword which is fast but weak, a medium sword which speaks for itself, heavy sword which is powerful but slow, and the shuriken which has elements like wind,fire, and electricity which has various effects on certain enemies. The game also has a tendency to use qtes often, but these aren't too bad in my opinion.

so Far I'm quite liking the game, it's not a masterpiece, but it's a solid game for what it is.

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